moneydna Coaching and Education  for Individuals, Households, Organizations and Churches

New Focus – New Jersey offers assistance in many areas of budgeting and personal and household financial wellness.  Some services are performed on a for fee basis and others are provided through working with your organization or local church.  See links attached for a more detailed description of many of these services.


One-on-One Coaching

  • Developing a Household Budget
  • Debt Elimination and Repayment Techniques
  • Save More for Major Purchases and Retirement
  • Personal Money Management
  • Using Credit Wisely
  • Understanding Finance Charges
  • Types of Credit Available
  • Establishing Credit
  • Understanding Your Credit Report and Score

Education & Training/Speaker Engagements

We provide seminars and webinars on specific topics of personal/household finances.  Our presentations generally range from an hour in length to 1/2 day sessions.  Seminar/webinars are flexible in length and can be slotted to fit your individual needs.  Some of our presentation topics include:

  1. Stress Free Debt Elimination
  2. Women and Money
  3. Identity Theft
  4. Understanding Your Credit Score/Report
  5. Overcoming Financial Detours
  6. Financial Stewardship
  7. Children and Money

Church Specific Related Services

  • Financial Stewardship Programs
  • Benevolence Program Training
  • Church Budget Development
  • Sunday School Materials
  • Biblical Stewardship Series

Want to view all the current New Focus – NJ offerings? Click here:  Personal Finance Programs from NF-NJ