moneyfromsky New Focus – NJ has created a new series of  Financial Wellness Seminars that can be presented at your company, civic organization or church. The list is extensive and most can be modified to fit your audiences needs.  Download the complete list: Personal Finance Programs from NF-NJ


Below is a short listing of  some of the subjects available.

  • Why Budget Coaching?
  • Women and Money
  • “Red Flags” That Warn of Financial Trouble Ahead
  • Get Off The Car Loan Carousel
  • Stress Free Debt Elimination
  • College Bound! “Wallet Ready”
  • What’s a ‘FICO’? Making Sense of Credit Scores
  • Should I Borrow From my 401(k)?
  • Making Sense of Mortgage Refinancing
  • Impulsive and Compulsive Spending
  • Developing a Successful Home Budget
  • Getting Started with Savings
  • Overcoming Financial Detours
  • Children and Money
  • Real Estate Short Sales
  • Vacationing on a Budget
  • Identity Theft
  • End of Year Tax Tips
  • Gift Giving on a Budget

Download the complete list: Personal Finance Programs from NF-NJ.  Church Focused Seminars also listed.


Want Mike and his team to present at your next meeting? Send us an e-mail to and we’ll get scheduled!