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admin on December 2nd, 2014

12 Year End Tax Tips- One Page Guide, Download here

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admin on September 22nd, 2009

Understanding the times that we are living in is an essential element for planning and plotting a course of action to follow. This is especially true when dealing with our finances. Understanding the times has three key factors: 1.Understanding the culture – knowing the people we live with and the place we live in 2.Understanding […]

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$5 Trillion Lost in 2008 Housing Market My 401(k) Plan looks like a 201(k) Plan. Seniors Lose Trillions in Retirement Funds with no Time to Recover. Beware! Credit Repair Charlatans! These are some of the screaming economic headlines we are seeing and experiencing in today’s chaotic financial markets. The housing bubble that we knew we […]

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admin on September 14th, 2009

Compulsive spending can be defined as excessive and out of control spending habits.

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