Recently Mike DiMaio, founder of New Focus – NJ, was mentioned in a Reuters Article. Read a brief excerpt below. Then click on the Link Below to get the Full Copy. ┬áHere the Reuters contributor Toddi Gutner talks about some ways New Focus New Jersey can help Business owners large and small.


Your Money: For financial stress ills, try education cure

Wed, Apr 4 2012

By Toddi Gutner

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Stomach hurting? Feeling a migraine coming on? It

might not be a virus or allergies; it might be your finances.

Some 60 percent of illness is caused by financial stress, according to a

Financial Finesse Inc compilation of 200 studies on the correlation

between money and healthcare costs.

The remedy, it seems, is a little knowledge. Financial education can save

as much as $2,000 per employee annually through increased productivity,

reduced healthcare costs and better utilization of employee benefits,

according to the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation (PFEEF).

And so in this recovery from the recession, employers now have a new-found

love for financial wellness programs.


Click here – Reuters Article April 2012┬áto read entire article and print a copy for you and your co-workers.